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Welcome to Srinivi.co, your one-stop shop for natural goods that come with a mom’s guarantee. We are an Indian business dedicated to produce organic goods that are beneficial, long-lasting, and environment friendly. Our products are made from desi cow dung sourced from India, which has got numerous spiritual and religious benefits anda fantastic source of nutrition for soil and vegetation. At Srinivi.co, we understand the value of organic products for the ecosystem and human health. As a result, we have vowed to produce a wide variety of goods free from dangerous chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers. Our products improve the environment and human well-being, making the world a better place for future generations. We believe that every mother deserves to know that her family is living in a safe and healthy environment. That’s why we ensure that every one of our products is produced in accordance with a mother’s promise of sustainability, health, and safety. We at Srinivi.co are dedicated to provide you with top-quality, reliable organic goods. Our goal is to build a society that is sustainable and healthy for everyone. Thank you for choosing Srinivi.co as your one-stop shop for organic products with mom’s promise.

I’m Padmasrinidhi from Srinivi.co, we are a start-up creating value-added products from Indian desi cow dung. Srinivi.co’s journey began when my husband’s small-scale dairy company, dealing with A2 milk and A2 milk products, was unable to survive due to poor supply of A2 milk. We were on the verge of closing the company, coincidently we attended a course on creating value-added products from desi cow dung and we became intrigued by the concept and spent over eight months experimenting value added products from Indian desi cow dung. As a result, we were able to create some amazing items, including incense sticks, cup sambrani, vibhuti, and panchakavyavilaku.

Srinivi.co is currently one of the top producers of value-added goods made from desi cow dung in India. The Union Ministry of Animal Husbandry has approved more than 100 of products that can be produced from desi cow dung in India. Additionally, we are creating more products based on Indian desi cow dung that we plan to release soon.

As a woman entrepreneur, I understand the challenges that women face while running her own businesses. We are also working with other woman entrepreneurs dealing with quality, to increase their sales by onboarding their products on our website. We want to inspire other woman entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles and achieve success, just like we did. Thank you for spending your valuable time in reading our story and experience at Srinivi.co

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Addition of ingredients for incense sticks
Shade drying of incense sticks
Fresh Incense stick (Wet)
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